A woman and her husband have been fined for breaking the law by refusing to pay for a £3,000 water pipe

Business Insider UK (UK), Thursday, 6 June, 2019, 10:24:30Plymouth County Council has been fined £3.75 million for failing to pay people who had installed the water pipe they had broken.

The court in Plymouth said that while the pipe was clearly visible, it was not a priority and that the council did not want to be involved in the “legal battle” that would follow.

“It is clearly an important and necessary pipe, which is why council staff were in close contact with the owner and his family,” the court ruled.

Plymouth District Council says the pipe broke in October last year but that it was repaired by March 2018.

The company is also facing a number of charges relating to the pipe.

One charge of failing to remove a pipe with an approved tool was dismissed by the court.

Another charge related to not complying with a request to install a new water pipe.

“The council takes all reasonable steps to ensure that all water pipes in its area are inspected and inspected and re-inspected,” a council spokesperson told Business Insider.

“This includes regular inspections of the water pipes at the council’s sites and in the community.”

The council said that it had received a number for its water pipes.

Plymouth County Council told Business Email that it has not received any reports of people not being paid for the pipe and it is not clear if this is a direct result of this ruling.

“We would be happy to provide further information in relation to this matter if asked,” a spokesperson told us.

The spokesperson added that the court had made no decision on the number of council charges that the company might be facing.

The pipe was installed in June 2017 but was installed without a permit in October 2017.

A court in February 2018 found that the pipe did not meet the legal requirements for a water pipe, and fined Plymouth County council £1.8 million.

Plymouth’s water council has defended its actions and said that the pipes were being installed in an area with low levels of rainfall.

“I do not see why anyone would not want a water connection for their home or business, which has the potential to save water and the environment,” a spokesman said.

“There are hundreds of thousands of water pipes across the country, many of which are maintained and paid for by the public.”

A number of people who have installed the pipe have also received a letter from the council saying they will be issued a letter of apology for their actions.

A number who had previously received a notice from the company said they did not feel that they had received the letter, as they had only received the notice to come and install their pipes.

“They [the council] have issued us a notice saying that we should remove the pipe, but that is not what happened,” one woman told Business Mail.

I do not want that happening to me.””

You should have removed them from the ground, not installed them on top of it.

I do not want that happening to me.”

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