How to make your own water pipes

July 27, 2021 0 Comments

Water pipes and other water fittings are becoming increasingly popular in Australia, with new developments being made in a wide range of settings.

A new survey by Water-Powered Australia shows the number of water pipes and fittings sold in the country have increased by almost 400 per cent over the past five years, with the number being sold at a record level.

Water-Packed Australia’s latest survey of water pipe and fittins found that the number has grown from just over 500 units in 2012 to more than 2.6 million in 2016, and the company has identified more than 500 water-based products in the market.

“We have seen the market evolve significantly in the past year or so,” said Mark Bovey, Water-Packaged Australia’s chief executive.

“There are new markets being explored, new ideas being realised, there are new technologies being developed and more and more people are finding that water-powered water is an ideal choice for their water-related needs.”

Our customers are using these water-cooled water pipes in their homes, in their business, and in the community.

“Water-cooling water pipes are typically made from a flexible plastic and are typically used in home water heaters, to heat their customers homes or businesses.

In Australia, there is an average of five different types of water-controlled pipes.

The new survey shows that water cooled water pipes have become a growing market in Australia.

In 2016, WaterPacked Australians sold more than 5.5 million water-piped products, with more than 600,000 sold at the end of the year.”

While the market is growing, we are also seeing some growth in the other markets we serve, with our business focusing on the water-connected areas,” Mr Boveys said.”

In Victoria, we sold more water-bottle-based water-proof fittings in 2016 than we did last year.

“Mr Boveyns team are now working with water-pipe suppliers across Australia to bring new models to market.

Mr Boves research also found that more than one in three Australians would like to have their own water-operated water pipe, and they are also encouraging other communities to make water-driven water pipes available to the public.”

This is a great opportunity for businesses to be able to take advantage of water power,” Mr. Boveyr said.

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