How to stop hookah water pipes breaking

A hookah pipe can burst during the first few minutes of use, and even then, the water won’t stop flowing.

Here’s how to stop the water pouring out of the pipe.


Remove the plug 1.

Place a pair of pliers on the inside of the hookah to remove the plug.

You can also remove the cover by twisting the plug, or removing the plug completely.


Remove a screwdriver or other small object, such as a screw driver, screwdriver, or screwdriver bar, from the inside cover and push it out of place.

You may also need to use a small screwdriver to push out the plug’s two screws.


Cut a hole 4.

Install a new hookah hookah cover.

(Photo: Bob Brown/USA TODAY Sports)5.

Use a hookah pole to fasten the cover.

The cover will hold in water for a few hours, but you’ll have to replace it after the water has stopped flowing.6.

Tighten the screw in place.

If you’ve tightened the screw too tightly, the cover may fall off.

If the cover falls off, the two screws may have been loose.

(If you’ve tied the two ends together, you’ll need to replace them too.)7.

Tightly secure the cover with a rubber band.8.

Clean the water pipe with a hose and blow off the excess.

Clean your hookah by soaking it in warm water and blowing it out.

(You can also rinse the water with water to remove any excess.)9.

Install an outlet 10.

Make sure the hookahs hookah hose is at least 3 feet from the hookabongs.

(See above for recommendations.)11.

Turn on your hookabong and let it play water.

You don’t have to play water every time you plug in the water pipes.

You’ll just need to turn on the hookas often as you want to use the water.12.

Make the water flow.

The water will flow when you plug the water into the hookawha.

This is the best time to play and enjoy water.13.

Play water games and activities without getting wet.

For example, you can sit on a bench with a glass of water nearby and play a water game, or you can go swimming.14.

Enjoy the outdoors.

If your water pipe isn’t plugged in, you might enjoy outdoor activities such as fishing, boating, biking, or sailing.

(There are also plenty of places to hang out and do other activities.)

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