“I’m not going to get a penny out of this.”

“The whole process is so tedious and it’s just a waste of time,” said Michael Fusco, a local contractor.

“I feel like there’s an industry out there that’s being exploited.”

Fusko said his work requires extensive cleaning, a $1,000 to $3,000 repair bill and a $500 to $750 insurance deductible.

He estimates he would have spent $1.5 million to repair a single pipe and repair other pipes.

The cost to repair each one is much higher.

He said his bill for the work is at least twice as high as he’s had to pay in the past.

“The process is extremely tedious and very expensive,” he said.

Fusborough is one of many local contractors who have complained to the city about the cost of water pump pipe repairs.

He believes the city has not done enough to help residents deal with the pipes.

He also said that when he first saw the pictures of the pumps, he assumed the pipes were installed by a contractor.

But Fusaro said he didn’t believe it until he looked closer at the pumps and saw that the pipes have a lot of room.

He has not yet decided whether to take legal action against the city.

The city said it does not have plans to install more water pumps and said it will work with residents to make the repairs.

City officials said the city does not believe the pipes are installed by contractors and that it will continue to work with the contractors to make them work properly.

“We have been in contact with the contractor for years and are actively working with them to fix the problem,” said city spokesman John Roesler.

The City Council voted earlier this month to approve a $3 million contract to replace the city’s existing water pumps.

The mayor has also approved a $2 million plan to replace four of the city-owned pumps.

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