What you need to know about the BBC’s new video filter

What you might have missed when you went to the cinema last night: the BBC has unveiled a new filter that can reduce the level of pollution in the air and the amount of harmful chemicals in your drink.

It is the most significant step yet by the BBC in trying to curb the levels of pollution, which have seen a dramatic rise in recent years.

But, in an attempt to tackle the problem, the corporation has introduced a new set of filters which can be applied to any filter in a bottle or canister.

The filters can reduce emissions from up to 1.5 per cent, compared to 1 per cent currently being used by some brands.

“We have been looking at different ways to tackle air pollution for a long time, and one of those is to make sure that the air is clean, and that it’s safe for us all,” said Jo Swann, director of the BBC World Service.

“What we’ve seen with these filters is a much more robust solution that is a cleaner air and a cleaner water.”

So how do the new filters work?

Image copyright Getty ImagesThe new filters are made from a lightweight material called a polyethylene, which is used in the plastics used in air conditioning and heating.

The material, which has a high melting point, is flexible and has a low amount of air leakage.

It also absorbs pollutants, and is designed to filter out small particles.

“You can apply it to a bottle of water, you can apply to a canister, you just need to make it the right size,” said Ms Swann.

“And then you just put it into the bottle, and it goes into the water, and the water gets filtered through the filter.”

It’s a simple process, but the BBC said it was very effective.

“It has reduced particulate matter, which means that the particles are filtered out.

And then it has a strong carbon filter, which prevents any more pollutants from getting through, because it absorbs carbon dioxide from the air,” she said.

The new filter can also be used for cleaning bottles.

“They’re the same for any kind of cleaning you can do,” Ms Swan said.

“If you wash your hands, then put them in the bottle.

And put them into a plastic bag, and put them on the countertop.”

The new devices will be available in the autumn, and will be sold at a cost of £7.99 ($10.16) per bottle.

But if you want to make your own, the company is now encouraging people to make their own version of the filters by creating their own bottle or a can.

“So you can make one from a can, or you can take your bottle and just put some filters in it,” Ms Swan said.

“Then you can use a plastic filter on top of that, or make your filter out of a piece of paper or something, or something else.”

There is one catch, however: the new filter has to be “sold” to the BBC.

“I’m sure it’s a really good idea to sell it to the public, but we’ve got to make the filters so they can be used by all kinds of people,” Ms Swan said.

This year, the BBC is also introducing new products that can be found in most of its outlets.

Image copyright PAImage caption The new filters have been designed to prevent pollution, while protecting the environmentImage caption An air filter can be made from paper or a plastic bottleImage caption Ms Swani said the new technology could reduce the amount pollutants released by the filtersImage caption You can apply the filter to a plastic can or bottle, but only one can will doImage caption Some brands have already launched the filters, but others are yet to release them

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